Hardware Wallet

Keep Safe your assets

A hardware wallet, offers high-level security for cryptocurrency by storing private keys offline, safeguarding against online threats. This physical device, essential for crypto enthusiasts, ensures transactions are secure and hacker-resistant, merging digital convenience with robust offline protection.

Perfect Solution for Your Crypto

  • Portability: Small, convenient size for easy transport.
  • Durability: Robust construction protects against physical damage.
  • Usability: Intuitive interfaces for simple management of cryptocurrencies.
  • Security: Offline storage and advanced encryption safeguard against online threats.
  • Compatibility: Supports multiple cryptocurrencies, integrating with various apps and networks.
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Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

It offers fast and wide-range connectivity, making transactions quicker and expanding the wallet's usability​.

Unlimited Compatibility

The wallet supports over 100 blockchains and a massive 100 million tokens and NFTs, providing endless cryptocurrency storage possibilities​

Open-Source Security

Audited by KeyLabs, the SafePal X1 has parts of its code available on GitHub, allowing users to verify the security measures themselves​ (BTC Direct Shop)​.

Unlock ultimate security for your digital assets with our cutting-edge hardware wallets, designed for seamless, ironclad cryptocurrency management.

Ellipal Titan 2.0

The Ellipal Titan 2.0 hardware wallet enhances security and user convenience with its air-gapped operation, eliminating hacking risks by forgoing network or device connections. It features a durable, tamper-proof design, a user-friendly touchscreen for easy transactions, and supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Integrated with the Ellipal mobile app, it offers a seamless, secure crypto management experience.

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Security Features

Ellipal Application

The Ellipal app is designed for secure and easy cryptocurrency management, working alongside the Ellipal hardware wallet. It allows users to manage assets, trade cryptocurrencies, and monitor portfolios through a user-friendly interface. Security is enhanced with QR code communication, keeping the wallet air-gapped and safe from online threats. The app also supports account recovery and receives regular updates for new features and crypto support.

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Ellipal Titan mini

The Ellipal Titan Mini is a secure, air-gapped hardware wallet for managing over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including NFTs. Its sturdy metal design and QR code data transfer enhance security, while features like offline updates and a user-friendly interface offer convenience. However, it lacks a secure chip element, a factor some may consider when assessing security levels.

  • Air-gapped security
  • Metal construction
  • QR connectivity
  • Offline updates

Which Wallet is Best for You?